Lynne Parks

Lynne Parks

Vice President

Together, Lynne and Charles started CF Parks, where Lynne now serves as Vice President. Though they have clients across the country, Piedmont, North Carolina, has been an excellent “home base” for their business and the perfect town to raise their three children.

When she’s not overseeing the day-to-day financial operations of the company, Lynne finds great joy in cooking for her family, enjoying a nice glass of wine, traveling all edges of the world, and spoiling her two granddaughters.

Lynne stresses that everyone at CF Parks works for others as they would want someone to work on their behalf. While this is a simple statement it comes with enormous responsibilities and inspires the entire team to work from a place of honesty, thoughtfulness, and devotion.

Living brilliantly to Lynne means to brighten others’ days with a simple act of kindness or a smile. She takes pride in being a part of a company that works diligently to solve others’ problems and is thankful her team has been able to make an impact in clients’ lives. Lynne’s nurturing and caring nature is evident in how she interacts with clients, friends, strangers, and family.