W2 and 1099 Tax Forms

January 18, 2024

Manage Brilliantly

It has been over a year since we implemented our new and improved payroll software. We remain incredibly excited for all of the increased efficiencies the software brings for you and your business! One advancement is the digital sharing of tax documents including employee W2s and vendor 1099s.

This year, all W2 and 1099 documents will be provided electronically through the payroll software portal to each employee, vendor, and employer.

Notifications will be sent out automatically once the forms become available. In addition, employers will digitally receive a comprehensive package that includes all year-end filings, W2 copies, etc.

Documents can be viewed in the web portal or through the mobile application. If you have any questions about getting logged in to the portal or viewing your documents, please give our office a call.

If you and your firm would like to request printed copies of documents please let our team know, as there may be additional costs associated with printing requests.

We look forward to continuing to use technology to advance your business. Thank you for the opportunity to help you Manage Brilliantly!