Unemployment Tax Rate

December 08, 2023

Each year in mid-November to mid-December the North Carolina Department of Commerce mails out a letter informing businesses of their new unemployment tax rate for the upcoming year. Within the letter it reconciles your account and any charges that have posted to your account due to unemployment claims.

If we process payroll for your business, we ask that you keep a look out for this letter and send a copy to our office once it is received.

Receiving this letter as early as possible allows us to ensure the accuracy of its calculations and verify your new rate before processing your first 2022 payroll.

If you do not receive the letter we will need reach out to the Department of Commerce requesting its information. If you do not process payroll for your business, you will not receive a letter and can disregard this email.

Please give our office a call if you have any questions. Thank you for the opportunity to help you Manage Brilliantly.


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